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Gaza, in Gaza, Fourteen Years in Gaza

From the www.monabaker.com archive (legacy material) Mohammed Suliman | iopal.net | 6.5.10 A blackout as it is, you resort to a candle to light it up. In Gaza, you light the candle up. In Gaza, you read under a faint candlelight. In Gaza, you read; in the dark, you read. Gaza … Fourteen years in Gaza have taught me to believe that it is inconceivable for any one who, on a Friday morning, hasn't been walking up and down the bustling aisles of a popular market while the sweating traders, at each side of the aisle, are calling at the top of their voices in well-rhymed phrases with the prices of their commodities, it is unimaginable for them to appreciate the enormous capacity and the charming power of the small word, and that to perceive how far significant these four letters are is next to impossible.

The Hope of a Victimised People

From the www.monabaker.com archive (legacy material) George Bisharat | Los Angeles Times | June 3, 2008 This essay was featured as the final segment of an on-line debate between George Bisharat and Judea Pearl that ran for five days as the 'Dust-Up' website feature of the Los Angeles Times and its sister publications Newsday, Chicago Tribune and Baltimore Sun. I am also the son of an American mother, who is from an early settler family.

Gaza's 'bigger holocaust'

From the www.monabaker.com archive (legacy material) Fida Qishta | IMEU | 8 March 2008 Rafah, the Gaza Strip, March 3 - Israeli officials said today that they finished their military operation in the Gaza Strip, but the Israeli attacks continue, and we fear that Israel is still planning a major invasion. On February 29th, Israel's Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai warned of "a bigger holocaust" for Palestinians. From February 27th - March 2nd, the Israeli army killed around 110 Palestinians in Gaza, about half of them civilians, and nearly a quarter children, according to the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights in Gaza.

The truth you don't hear

From the www.monabaker.com archive (legacy material) Mustafa Barghouti | Al-Ahram Weekly, Issue 771 | 1-7 December 2005 The on-the-ground reality of Israel's moral bankruptcy in its genocidal policies towards the Palestinians remains as clear as ever, writes Mustafa Barghouti* What is the current situation on the ground in Palestine? The Israeli narrative that continues to dominate the international media presents an image that is absolutely at odds with reality. The Gaza redeployment was spun as the beginning of a peace process; a great retreat by General Ariel Sharon, who was portrayed as a man of peace.

The Murder of Muhammad “Niinu” Al-‘Assi

From the www.monabaker.com archive (legacy material) Anne Gwynne | Palestine Monitor | August 2005 Editors’ Note: This is a rare eyewitness account (with photographs) of one of the hundreds of illegal “targeted murders” by Israel of young Palestinian men, members of the legal Resistance. As such, its importance cannot be overstated. It is the only eyewitness account of this particular brutal murder and thus supersedes the plethora of erroneous reports that have circulated in the media in recent weeks (see, for example, the press report excerpted at the end of this piece.

Eid Al-Adha in Nablus: A Night of Terror and Destruction

From the www.monabaker.com archive (legacy material) Anne Gwynne | Axis of Logic | 27 January 2005 As the BBC and other major media organizations patronizingly ‘congratulate’ Abu Mazen on deploying 3,000 lightly-armed Palestinian troops to protect the ‘security’ of illegal Jewish colonists in Gaza, they report that ‘it is quiet on the ground’ in Palestine. In doing so, they are regurgitating the Israeli propaganda without any reference to Palestinian information sources or to the truth.

The writing on the Wall

From the www.monabaker.com archive (legacy material) Terry Boullata | Electronic Intifada | 18/12/2004 Terry Boullata is head of a private school in Abu Dis and an advocacy worker. Terry Boullata: "Bit by bit the wall became more tangible" I am 38 years old, and I am from Jerusalem. I was born and lived all my life here, and I am proud of that. I married 14 years ago with a man from Abu Dis who carries a West Bank ID card.

Dead-Check in Falluja

From the www.monabaker.com archive (legacy material) Evan Wright | Village Voice | 24-30 November 2004 In April 9, 2003, the day the statue of Saddam Hussein was being toppled in Baghdad, symbolizing the promised liberation of Iraq, I was embedded with a Marine unit engaged in fierce combat about 30 miles north of the city, on the outskirts of Baquba. Late that afternoon, the Humvee I was in was following about 50 feet behind a Marine Light Armored Vehicle when it pulled alongside a Toyota pickup pushed to the side of the road, its doors riddled with bullet holes.

What happened in the Fallujah Mosque?

From the www.monabaker.com archive (legacy material) Kevin Sites | MSNBC | 22 November 2004 OPEN LETTER TO marines By Kevin Sites Correspondent NBC News Since the shooting in the mosque, I've been haunted that I have not been able to tell you directly what I saw or explain the process by which the world came to see it as well. As you know, I'm not some war-zone tourist with a camera who doesn't understand that ugly things happen in combat.

Terrorizing those who are praying

From the www.monabaker.com archive (legacy material) Dahr Jamail | Information Clearing House | 19/11/2004 11/19/04 "ICH" -- Abu Talat calls me frantic. The deafening roar of hundreds of people in a confined area yelling, “Allahu Akbar” (God is Greatest) reverberate behind his panicked voice. “I am being held at gunpoint by American soldiers inside Abu Hanifa mosque Dahr,” he yells, “Everyone is praying to God because the Americans are raiding our mosque during Friday prayer!