Complicity of Israeli Academia

Letter from Jerusalem

From the archive (legacy material) Reuven Kaminer | Alef List | 1 May 2005 In our very first lessons on the British constitution we were impressed with the most salient of facts to the effect that the British Parliament can turn a man into a woman (or vice versa). This, it turns out, was excellent intellectual and psychological preparation for understanding what is happening in the Israeli settlement of Ariel, before our very eyes.

Cabinet votes 13-7 to declare West Bank college a university

From the archive (legacy material) Gideon Alon and Tamara Traubman | Haaretz | 2 May 2005 The cabinet voted 13-7 Monday to confer university status on Judea and Samaria College in Ariel, less than two weeks after a major British lecturers union sparked wide controversy by declaring a boycott against Bar-Ilan University for its links to the West Bank college. The vote was held amid acrimonious debate in the cabinet over the political significance of upgrading the status of a college in a West Bank settlement.

Message on Bar-Ilan from Reuven Kaminer

From the archive (legacy material) Reuven Kaminer | Alef List | 29 April 2005 From: Reuven Kaminer Sent: Fri, April 29, 2005 7:34 PM Subject: Bar Ilan University and Academic Freedom Letter from Jerusalem Bar Ilan University in the Defense of Academic Freedom Bar Ilan University and the College of Judea and Samaria (CJS) are in the news. So here is some additional information for those interested in the subject.

In the name of truth

From the archive (legacy material) Meron Rapoport | Ha'aretz | 28 April 2005 "Among Arabs, you will not find the phenomenon so typical of Judeo-Christian culture: doubts, a sense of guilt, the self-tormenting approach, `Maybe we weren't entirely OK,' or `Maybe we need to act or react differently.' These phenomena are totally unknown in Arab-Islamic society, toward outsiders. They have no doubts about their positions or the justice of their side.

Israel’s Strategic Advantage Inspires Creation of Middle East Center at Brandeis

From the archive (legacy material) Genevieve Cora Fraser | | 7 April 2005 Israel has the undisputed strategic advantage in the Middle East. So now that Israelis feel more secure it’s time to talk peace, seemed to be the underlying message delivered by Shai Feldman, the director of Brandeis University’s new $25 million Crown Center for Middle East Studies. It was the second day of the opening conference and time to talk Turkey and Iraq and Iran, Syria and of course of the Israeli Disengagement Plan and a certain something called the Palestinian Israeli conflict.

From the Coalition to End Apartheid in Israeli Anthropology 1

Ahoti, the Mizrahi Democratic Rainbow, and Mossawa | Email circular | 25 March 2004, email circular received October 2004 Ahoti (Sistah-Heb) - For Women in Israel; NGO No. 58-036-274; P. O. Box 4027, Tel Aviv 61040, Israel. Ph. +972-3-525-0959 For all matters re this issue, please use the following e-mail address: Enclosed please find a complaint we have filed in March with Israel’s State Comptroller about the various violations of cultural rights performed by Israeli Anthropologists.

Gaza withdrawal? Do it right

From the archive (legacy material) EFRAIM INBAR | Jerusalem Post | 24 April 2004 Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has returned from Washington with the blessings of President George W. Bush for his unilateral withdrawal plan. He's likely to win the May 2 Likud referendum on the plan, as well as cabinet approval. Then comes the real test: the physical evacuation of thousands of bitter settlers, whose resistance will undoubtedly be reinforced by many thousands of supporters determined to make the unilateral withdrawal as messy as possible.

The Lonely Historian

From the archive (legacy material) Elizabeth Wasserman | The Atlantic | 25 March 2004 Benny Morris discusses the new version of his famously controversial book, The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem, which has left him alienated from both the left and the right. As a reporter covering the war in Lebanon in 1982, Benny Morris paid his first visit to a Palestinian refugee camp—the Rashidiye Camp, near Tyre. The people there had originally come from the Galilee, and many of them had fled during the war of 1947-48.

Medical ethics, the Israeli Medical Association, and the state of the World Medical Association

From the archive (legacy material) Derek Summerfield | British Medical Journal | 6 September 2003 Open letter to the BMA EDITOR—Persistent concerns have been raised about the role of the World Medical Association (WMA), the international watch-dog on medical ethics, in respect of their approach to the Israeli Medical Association (IMA) in particular.1 Matters have now come to a head with the news that Yoram Blachar, longstanding IMA president, has been elected as chairman of the WMA council.

Studies at Bar-Ilan University's Regional Colleges

From the archive (legacy material) Bar-Ilan University | University Web Site | December 2002 Comment: this is an example of the extensive involvement of Israeli academic institutions in perpetuating and legitimising the occupation and dispossession of Palestinians. Some of the regional colleges referred to below are built on illegal settlements (Ariel, for instance), and references to Judea and Sumaria betray the commitment of Bar-Ilan to the Zionist project (these are Zionist names for the West Bank).