Complicity of Israeli Academia

Confront the colluders in Israel's academy

From the archive (legacy material) Lisa Taraki | Times Higher Education Supplement | 23 June 2006 Israeli scholars have either collaborated in the occupation or turned a blind eye. They deserve a boycott, argues Lisa Taraki Although Menahem Milson's career path and mine have been on a collision course, we have never met. In 1976, I joined Birzeit University in the occupied West Bank as a junior instructor in sociology.

Top architects accuse Israelis of oppression

From the archive (legacy material) Hugh Muir | The Guardian | 26 May 2007 Leading British architects have accused their counterparts in Israel of complicity in schemes that contribute to the "social, political and economic oppression of Palestinians". The architects, including Will Alsop, Terry Farrell, Richard MacCormac, Royal Institute of British Architects president Jack Pringle and president-elect Sunand Prasad, have signed a petition organised by the group Architects and Planners for Justice in Palestine.

Barred from the ivory tower

From the archive (legacy material) Dalya Markovich | Haaretz | 15 July 2005 "Akademia besviva mishtana" ("Academia in a Changing Environment: Higher Education Policy in Israel, 1952-2004) by Ami Volansky, Hakibbutz Hameuchad and Shmuel Neeman Institute, 422 pages, NIS 88 University students are a minority group in Israel. But compared to students in other countries on an economic par with Israel, local students are a minority group with few rights and a very marginal place in public discourse.

Haifa University students protest against 'racist' conference on demography

From the archive (legacy material) David Ratner | Haaretz | 17 May 2005 Several dozen Jewish and Arab students protested Tuesday morning at Haifa University against an academic conference titled "The Demographic Problem and Israel's Demographic Policies" that they described as racist. The students, prevented by campus security personnel from entering the auditorium where the conference was being held, sat down outside and refused to be evacuated. Conference participants are slated to discuss the forecasts that Arabs will constitute the majority of Israel's population with several decades.

Israeli Anthropology and American Anthropology

From the archive (legacy material) Smadar Lavie (article 1), Andre Levy (article 2) | Anthropology Newsletter, page 9 & page 10 | January 2005 In March three registered NGOs, Ahoti (Sistah, Hebrew), Israel’s feminists-of-color movement; the Mizrahi Democratic Rainbow; and Mossawa, the Advocacy Center for the Palestinian-Arab Citizens of Israel, filed an official complaint to Israel’s State Comptroller against anthropology departments in all Israeli universities. These NGOs advocate Mizrahi (Arab-Jews of Asian and North African origins) and Palestinian-Israeli human rights.


Various | Anthropology News | May 2005 The Correspondence column is primarily for the use of American Anthropology Association members for the purpose of addressing issues that relate to the discipline and practice of anthropology. AN reserves the right to select and edit letters. All letters must be clearly marked for Anthropology News Correspondence, not to exceed 400 words and consisting of a signed original plus an electronic copy whenever possible.

The Collapse of Academic Freedom in Israel: Tantura, Teddy Katz and Haifa University

From the archive (legacy material) ZALMAN AMIT | Counterpunch | 11 May 2005 On April 22, the Association of University Teachers in the United Kingdom voted to boycott the University of Haifa in Israel. Supporters of the boycott referred to the university's treatment of one of its staff, Dr. Ilan Pappe, in the controversy over an MA thesis which had been written by Teddy Katz about events in 1948 in the Palestinian coastal village of Tantura, a few miles south of Haifa.

Chapter Five: (More on the Katz Affair) La Libre Parole, The Plot, the Trial and the Acquittal.

From the archive (legacy material) Ilan Pappe | Translation from original French book: 'The Demons of the Nakbah' (published by La Fabrique, Paris) | 2003 Although the Katz and Tantura affairs were the motivating force complicating my relationship with the University, there was a wider context for my growing isolation - directly linked to the general deterioration in the state of basic freedoms in Israel, described in the previous chapter.

Chapter Four: The Katz Affair

From the archive (legacy material) Ilan Pappe | Translation from original French book: 'The Demons of the Nakbah' (published by La Fabrique, Paris) | 2003 In the late 1980s I gave a course in Haifa University on the history of the conflict. Students were allowed free hand in choosing how best to present their thoughts on the issue of the conflict. One relatively elderly student of mine, a member of a kibbutz, Teddy Katz, decided to look into the chronicles of his kibbutz in the 1948 war.

Israel founds W Bank university

From the archive (legacy material) BBC News | 2 May 2005 The Israeli cabinet has voted to confer university status on a college in a settlement in the occupied West Bank. Thirteen ministers voted for the proposal to upgrade the College of Judea and Samaria in the Ariel settlement, while seven voted against. Israeli radio said Education Minister Limor Livnat had proposed the move as a response to a British academic boycott of Bar Ilan university.