Boycott Divestment

British Journals Dismiss Israelis

From the archive (legacy material) HAIM WATZMAN | The Chronicle of Higher Education | 5 July 2002 Two Israeli scholars have been dismissed from the boards of British journals of translation studies as part of an academic boycott of Israel declared in April by a group of European scholars and intellectuals. Miriam Shlesinger, a senior lecturer in translation studies at Bar-Ilan University, was dismissed from the editorial board of The Translator: Studies in Intercultural Communication, and Gideon Toury, a professor in Tel Aviv University's School of Cultural Studies, was dismissed from the international advisory board of Translation Studies Abstracts.

Correspondence with Miriam Shlesinger re Boycott

From the archive (legacy material) Mona Baker/Miriam Shlesinger | Email Archive, Mona Baker | May/June 2002 The following emails were exchanged between 23 May and 6 June 2002. Various sections have been quoted in the press out of context. This is the complete record of the correspondence. Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 20:15:46 +0100 From: Mona Baker <> To: Miriam Shlesinger <> Subject: Re: this and that Hi Miriam, Good to hear from you, even in these grim times, which are inevitably trying even for the best of friendships.

WHY ACADEMIC BOYCOTT - A reply to an Israeli comrade

From the archive (legacy material) Tanya Reinhart | Indymedia Israel | May 17, 2002 Dear Baruch Kimmerling, Last week, you published in Ha'aretz a moving letter defending the freedom of expression of a group of Israeli professors, including myself, who signed a European petition calling for a moratorium on European support to the Israeli academia. Here is what you wrote: "The Coordinating Council of the Faculty Associations [of the Israeli universities] issued a public statement, which appeared in Ha'aretz on May 6, denouncing the call of scientists in Europe and North America to declare a boycott on the Israeli academia, following.

Lecturers reject call to boycott Israel

From the archive (legacy material) Will Woodward | The Guardian | 10 May 2003 Union votes for maintaining links to support progressive academics The largest university lecturers' union last night voted by a majority of about 2-1 to reject a call for an academic boycott of Israel, saying such a ban would harm progressive Israeli academics campaigning against the Sharon government. In an intense but not acrimonious debate at its annual conference, the Association of University Teachers backed its executive on the grounds also that a boycott would dilute the impact of its support for an independent Palestinian state.

Lecturers under fire after call for boycott of Israel

From the archive (legacy material) Julie Henry |The Sunday Telegraph | 4 May 2003 Britain's largest university lecturers' union will this week debate the introduction of an academic boycott of Israel in protest at its military crackdown in Palestinian-held territory. The Association of University Teachers, which has 46,000 members including dons and vice-chancellors, will vote on a motion calling on it to sever "any academic links they may have with official Israeli institutions"

Lecturers' union to debate boycott of Israel

From the archive (legacy material) Will Woodward | The Guardian | 5 May 2003 A university lecturers' union will debate a call for an academic boycott of Israel at its annual conference in Scarborough this week. The executive of the Association of University Teachers (AUT) is opposing a motion to be put before delegates on Friday by Sue Blackwell, a pro- Palestine campaigner from Birmingham University. The motion says: "

Record of Correspondence between Daniel Amit and the Editor of Physical Review

From the archive (legacy material) Daniel Amit/Martin Blume | 21 March-9 April 2003 This is the exchange of correspondence between Dr. Daniel Amit and Dr. Martin Blume of Physical Review E regarding the former's reasons for boycotting his services from Physical Review, the premier journal of physics research. Dr Amit has encouraged spreading his position widely. Sent: Friday, March 21, 2003 6:11 AM Subject: Review_request AMIT EA8932 Dr. Daniel Amit Univ.

The campaign for Israeli divestment and the charge of anti-Semitism

From the archive (legacy material) Joseph Kay | World Socialist Web Site | 10 April 2003 In response to an escalation of Israeli aggression over the past year, a growing movement has emerged on American campuses opposing the oppression of the Palestinian population. Student groups have held numerous protests at universities throughout the country, and most recently a movement has gained force that calls for the divestment of university assets from Israeli corporations and US firms doing business with Israel.

Top scientist moving to oppose boycott

From the archive (legacy material) Jenni Frazer | The Jewish Chronicle | 14 March 2003 Leading British neuroscientist Baroness Susan Greenfield is putting together a high-level delegation of academics to visit Israel later this year, calling the trip her “positive response” to supporters of an academic boycott of Israel. Baroness Greenfield, director of the Royal Institution, confirmed to the JC that she had planned to take a group of mainly British scientists to Israel in March.

Age of information or age of ignorance?

From the archive (legacy material) Geoffrey Alderman | The Jewish Chronicle | 14 March 2003 At the end of last month, I travelled to the University of Wales, Swansea, to take part in a debate on what has come to be known as the “academic boycott” of Israel. The event was hosted by the Swansea branch of the Association of University Teachers — which is to be congratulated on this initiative.