Art Media Under Attack

One of the Few Who Repudiated the War

From the archive (legacy material) Ken Schubert | Chronicle, Dagens Nyheter | 24 July 1996 When growing up in the Fifties, I read only one comic book: Superman. What most fascinated me wasn't the hero's valiant deeds but Lois Lane's smoldering passion for him and her equally smoldering indifference for her journalist colleague Clark Kent. Thirty years later I was just as uncharacteristically captivated by the Superman movies with Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder.

The Dixie Chicks & Civility

From the archive (legacy material) Dr. Mohammed T. Al-Rasheed | Arab News | 1 May 2003 A crisis in human history is likely to reveal more about the human condition than we might be comfortable with. The war on Iraq is no exception: It has revealed more than the inside of Saddam’s palaces. If anyone ever doubted it, we now know for a fact that in spite of the “global village” we are supposed to live in, we still more or less build our relationships on fault lines that threaten to shake and thunder at a moment’s notice.

British cameraman killed by IDF fire while filming in Rafah

From the archive (legacy material) Arnon Regular and Amos Harel | Haaretz | 3 May 2003 Israel Defense Forces troops demolishing a home suspected of concealing an arms-smuggling tunnel in the southern Gaza Strip shot dead a British television cameraman late Friday, military officials and Palestinian witnesses said. James Miller, who was in the flashpoint refugee camp of Rafah making a documentary on how Palestinian children are affected by violence, was fired upon unprovoked, witnesses said.

No politics, please

From the archive (legacy material) Dana Gilerman | Haaretz | 1 May 2003 A controversial award-winning artist, accusations of censorship, and a resignation. And the Tel Aviv Museum says it wants to keep politics out of art. What did members of the Gottesdiener Prize committee at the Tel Aviv Museum expect last year when they awarded the prestigious prize to artist Ahlam Shibli? The $10,000 Nathan Gottesdiener Prize for an Israeli Artist is awarded annually and includes a solo exhibition at the museum.

Did the US Murder Journalists?

From the archive (legacy material) Robert Fisk | CounterPunch | 29 April 2003 What is a journalist's life worth? I ask this question for a number of reasons, some of them--frankly--quite revolting. Two days ago, I went to visit one of my colleagues wounded in the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq. Samia Nakhoul is a Reuters correspondent, a young woman reporter who is married to another colleague, the Financial Times correspondent in Beirut.

SF Chronicle' Reporter Says He Was Fired

From the archive (legacy material) Associated Press | Editor & Publisher Online | 25 April 2003 SAN FRANCISCO -- (AP) A San Francisco Chronicle reporter who was arrested while participating in an anti-war demonstration last month said he has been fired for falsifying his timesheet. Henry Norr, who covered technology and wrote a weekly column for the Chronicle, said he was fired on Monday. Norr was suspended without pay after his arrest.

Letter from Michael Moore

From the archive (legacy material) Michael Moore | | 7 April 2003 Dear friends, It appears that the Bush administration will have succeeded in colonizing Iraq sometime in the next few days. This is a blunder of such magnitude -- and we will pay for it for years to come. It was not worth the life of one single American kid in uniform, let alone the thousands of Iraqis who have died, and my condolences and prayers go out to all of them.

Calif. Journalist Suspended Over Antiwar Protest

From the archive (legacy material) Adam Tanner, Reuters | Yahoo! | 28 March 2003 SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A San Francisco Chronicle reporter suspended after getting arrested in an anti-war rally said on Friday that he felt unfairly treated and that no one should expect complete objectivity from a journalist. The Chronicle suspended technology reporter Henry Norr, 57, effective Thursday, after he was among more than 1,300 people arrested last week for blocking public streets on the first morning after the Iraq (news - web sites) war started.

Israel muzzles Palestinian journalists

From the archive (legacy material) Khalid Amayreh | | 21 December 2003 The international press organisation “Reporters Sans Frontiers” (RSF) recently lambasted Israel for abusing and harassing Palestinian and foreign journalists covering the Intifada against Israeli occupation. The Paris-based group did recognise that Israel generally respected “the local (Jewish) media freedom of expression”, but criticised Israel for violating the international covenant on civil and political rights, including press freedom, especially in the occupied territories.

New Willie Nelson Song Condemns War in Iraq

From the archive (legacy material) Reuters/Yahoo! | 31 December 2003 DALLAS (Reuters) - Country music icon Willie Nelson has written a Christmas song with an edge -- a protest against the war in Iraq that he hopes will stir passions in those who hear it. Nelson, 70, told Reuters on Wednesday he wrote "Whatever Happened to Peace on Earth" after watching the news on Christmas Day and will play it in Austin, Texas on Saturday at a concert to benefit Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich.