Academics Under Attack

Uni Admissions Scandal

From the archive (legacy material) Jeremy Last | Totally Jewish | 3 July 2003 The Israeli student at the centre of the Oxford university admissions scandal has told TJ that his rejection has made him think twice about applying to other universities in Britain. Amit Duvshani, 26, was refused a work placement at an Oxford University laboratory by Professor Andrew Wilkie because he did not agree with Israel’s “appalling treatment” of the Palestinians.

On the detention of Dr. Huda S. Ammash

From the archive (legacy material) South End Press | South End Press | 7 May 2003 The U.S. publishers of Dr. Huda S. Ammash assert that there may be political motivations for her detention on Monday, May 5 in Baghdad by the U.S. military on allegations that she oversaw Iraq's purported development of biological weapons. Dr. Ammash, Dean of Baghdad University, is the author of "Toxic Pollution, the Gulf War, and Sanctions,"

The Dean, the President and the Historiography of 1948 Palestine

From the archive (legacy material) Email Circular by Ilan Pappe | 23 May 2003 Haifa The Conference Three weeks ago, my colleague in the University of Haifa, Dr. Asa’d Gahnim of the department of political science suggested convening a conference on the 1948 historiography. We agreed to present in the conference the recent developments in both the Israeli and Palestinian historiography on the 1948 war and Nakbah. He and Salman Natur were asked to introduce the recent critical trends in the Palestinian side (with particular stress on works which deconstruct the roll of the traditional leadership and the Arab regimes in the 1948 war).

University of South Florida Report

From the archive (legacy material) American Association of University Professors | Academe: Bulletin of the AAUP | May 2003 This report deals with actions taken by the administration and the governing board of the University of South Florida against Dr. Sami Al-Arian, associate professor of computer science and engineering, beginning in the fall of 2001 and culminating with his dismissal on February 26, 2003. The administration placed Professor Al-Arian on paid leave of absence in September 2001.

The Israeli Occupation Forces Arrest the Academic Dr. Fadel Abu Hein

From the archive (legacy material) NOTE: This message was sent by Professor Judith Butler to the Academics for Justice list on Monday 5 May 2003. On Thursday May 1st., Israeli Occupation Forces invaded El-Shujaea neighborhood in Gaza city, and arrested Dr. Fadel Abu Hein, a well-known professor of Psychology in Al-Aqsa University and director of Community Training Center for Crisis Management (CTCM) in Gaza. Dr. Abu Hein has contributed significantly through research and various community activities in the field of trauma and its impact on the mental health of Palestinians.

Statement by the Blue Triangle Network on the Arrest of Professor Sami Al-Arian

From the archive (legacy material) Blue Triangle Network (Refuse and Resist) | Blue Triangle Network - Solidarity USA | April 2003 The Blue Triangle Network expresses grave concern over the arrest of Professor Sami Al-Arian in Tampa, Florida and four others on terrorism-related allegations. Professor Al-Arian has undertaken a hunger strike in jail to protest his arrest, and this too is a cause for concern. After his arrest, Al-Arian made this statement: “I’m crucified today because of who I am: a stateless Palestinian, an Arab, a Muslim, an outspoken advocate for Palestinian rights, but more significantly a persistent defender of civil and constitutional rights on the home front.

College split over fellowship

From the archive (legacy material) Will Woodward | The Guardian | 31 January 2003 Academics at King's College, Cambridge, have split over a decision to turn down Edward Said, the distinguished Arab-American intellectual, for an honorary fellowship. One senior fellow at the college, a locus for leftwing radicalism, said they believed the award would have been "provocative" - fuelling a belief of some dons that Professor Said had been rejected because of his outspoken criticism of Israel.

Egyptian rights activist cleared

From the archive (legacy material) BBC News | 18 March, 2003 A court in Cairo has acquitted a leading human rights activist, Saad Eddin Ibrahim, after a second retrial for defaming Egypt. Dr Ibrahim has dual US and Egyptian nationality, and the case has strained relations between Washington and Cairo. He was also cleared of illegally accepting and misusing funds from the European Commission. He had been sentenced to seven years imprisonment by a state security court last July but was freed in December, pending his latest retrial.

Hypocrisies, Double Standards and Lies

From the archive (legacy material) JOHN F. SUGG | Weekly Planet | 26 February 2003 Here's what you're supposed to know: Sami Al-Arian was indicted as a terrorist leader on Feb. 20.Here's what you're not supposed to think about: Sami Al-Arian never, even according to the indictment, committed violent acts. His nemesis Israel, on the other hand, will conduct "targeted killings in the United States and other friendly countries." (UPI, Jan.

MAB Denounces US Allegations against UK-based Palestinian Academic

From the archive (legacy material) Muslim Association of Great Britain | 3 March 2003 Friends, colleagues, students and readers of Dr. Basheer Musa Nafi' have been dismayed by the recent allegations made by U.S. Attorney General Ashcroft who associated the Palestinian London-based academic with terrorism. In a sensational and highly inflammatory presentation the Attorney General made unfounded and unsubstantiated claims and threatened that the U.S. Administration might seek to extradite Dr.