The AALITRA Review no. 11

AALITRA-logo-image-file1We are pleased to announce that issue no. 11 of The AALITRA Review: A Journal of Literary Translation just been published. It contains eleven peer-reviewed contributions – articles, reviews, translations – by translators and academics working with a range of languages and literatures. The table of contents appears below. Articles can be accessed at

The AALITRA Review: A Journal of Literary Translation Number 11 (May 2016)


Hinde Ena Burstin – Embracing Difference: Challenges and Strategies in Translating Two 1920s Yiddish Poems by Women Amanda Zamuner – Breaking Images, Widening Perceptions: Reflections on Horacio Quiroga in Translation Rosanne Menacho and Murrundindi – Decolonizing the Dreaming: Reframing “Translation” as “Retelling” Peter Hodges – The Application of Berman’s Theory as a Basis for Target Text Evaluation Angela Tiziana Tarantini – A Psycholinguistic Approach to Theatre Translation Virginie Pfeiffer – Translating Frenchness: A Case Study of La Délicatesse by David Foenkinos

Book Reviews

Haoran Huang – Review of Some Twentieth-Century Chinese Works in Translation Translations with commentary Katrina Hayes – Karla Suárez’s Cuban Novel Silencios in English Translation Jun Tang and Conrad Bauer – Translating “Liangzhou Ci”: Alternating Between Intervention and Non-Intervention Nynke van der Schaaf – Translating Stefan Hertmans Kevin Windle – Translating Jerzy Lutowski: The Transplantation of Allegorical Drama The AALITRA Review (ISSN 1838-1294) is a peer-reviewed online journal established in March 2010 by the Australian Association for Literary Translation (AALITRA), a national organization that promotes an interest in all aspects of literary translation. Appearing once a year, the Review publishes high-quality material concerned with literary translation, including scholarly articles, interviews, book reviews and translations of literary texts from other languages into English with a critical introduction and commentary. We are happy to consider submissions all year round. Submissions must be prepared according to the Guidelines for Contributors available from our website (, and can be sent to the Editor, Brigid Maher (