Inscribing Palestine – A Poem

gaza_kids_hands_un Jul 31 2014 By Ramona Wadi International abandonment a horizon exploding in hideous light beneath the massacred canopy echoes of footsteps, voices, laments the tapestry unravels, threads suffocating street corners, pavements, rubble and sand melting faces dissipating in kaleidoscopic chronology smeared with crimson hues parched land, resistant territory tears trailing from the enclave nurturing remembrance in green inscribing Palestine from Gaza a memory resilient against an oblivious world, immersed in a banquet of veins ripped from bodies to sustain the colonial massacre speckled floors, white sheets bearing the remains of displaced vengeance ruptured children, peeling skin, exposed skulls in incandescent assemblies, from varnished stands imperialism claims interpretations justifying trophy relics a transient applause constructed in rhetoric a call emanates, individual tones celebrating a common inscription a harvest of Palestine for Palestinians, tangible in the cacophony of disturbed dawn - Ramona Wadi is an independent researcher, freelance journalist, book reviewer and blogger, focusing on the struggle for memory in Palestine and Chile. She is a regular writer for Middle East Monitor and Mint Press News. Her work has been published in various outlets, including academic publications and translated into several languages. She contributed this poem to