Citizen Media and Public Spaces

citizen-media-and-public-spaces-imageDiverse Expressions of Citizenship and Dissent

Edited by Mona Baker & Bolette B. Blaagaard 2016, Routledge Paperback: 9781138847651 Hardback: 9781138847644 Table of contents Reviews Purchasing/ordering options Abstracts
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Citizen Media and Public Spaces presents a pioneering exploration of citizen media as a highly interdisciplinary domain that raises vital political, social and ethical issues relating to conceptions of citizenship and state boundaries, the construction of publics and social imaginaries, processes of co-optation and reverse co-optation, power and resistance, the ethics of witnessing and solidarity, and novel responses to the democratic deficit. Framed by a substantial introduction by the editors, the twelve contributions to the volume interrogate the concept of citizen media theoretically and empirically, and offer detailed case studies that extend from the UK to Russia and Bulgaria and from China to Denmark and the liminal spaces within which a growing number of refugees now live. A rich new domain of scholarship and practice emerges out of the studies presented. Citizen media is shown to embrace both physical and digital interventions in public space, as well as the sets of values and agendas that influence and drive the practices and discourses through which individuals and collectives position themselves within and in relation to society and participate in the creation of diverse publics. This book will be of interest to students and researchers in media and communication studies, particularly those studying citizen media, media and society, journalism and society, and political communication.

Table of contents

Reconceptualizing Citizen Media: A Preliminary Charting of a Complex Domain Mona Baker & Bolette B. Blaagaard [Abstract] [Free PDF download available, courtesy of Routledge] Part I: Empowering Citizens Understanding Citizen Media as Practice: Agents, Processes, Publics Hilde Stephansen [Abstract] Frontiers of the Political: ‘Closed Sea’ and the Cinema of Discontent Sandra Ponzanesi [Abstract] Citizen Mediations of Connectivity: Narrowing the ‘Culture of Distance’ in Television News Bolette B. Blaagaard & Stuart Allan [Abstract] Part II: Questions of Performance and Affect Theatricality and Gesture as Citizen Media: Composure on a Precipice Jenny Hughes & Simon Parry [Abstract] Nanodemonstrations as Media Events: Networked Forms of the Russian Protest Movement Evgenia Nim [Abstract] The Politics of Affect in Activist Amateur Subtitling: A Biopolitical Perspective Luis Pérez-González [Abstract] Part III:The Personal and the Political Media Participation and Desiring Subjects Sara Beretta [Abstract] Participatory Urbanism: Making the Stranger Familiar and the Familiar Strange Stine Ejsing-Duun [Abstract] Ironic ‘Resistance’ in Chinese Citizen Media Online Astrid Nordin [Abstract] Part IV: Processes of Appropriation: Whose Agenda? The Securitization of Citizen Reporting in Post-Arab Spring Conflicts Lilie Chouliaraki [Abstract] The People Formerly Known as the Oligarchy: The Cooptation of Citizen Journalism Julia Rone [Abstract] Memory, Guardianship and the Witnessing Amateur in the Emergence of Citizen Journalism Karen Cross [Abstract]


“The research collected here takes the study of citizen media into new and productive areas. It is impressively interdisciplinary, drawing on scholarship in drama, translation studies, information technology and film to enhance the book’s foundation in media and communications. Its studies of memory and witnessing provide fruitful ground for re-energising citizen media as a set of diverse, politicised practices that honour the particularities of place as much as they engage with questions of globalised space.” Chris Atton, Professor of Media and Culture, Edinburgh Napier University “With the conceptually sharp and engaging introduction by Baker and Blaagaard and the insightful individual case studies that follow, this lively collection challenges prevailing notions about publics (and their spheres), citizens, and even media. It marks an innovative turning point in our efforts to understand the communicative practices and dynamics of democracy.” Peter Dahlgren, Professor Emeritus of Media and Communication Studies, Lund UniversityCitizen Media and Public Spaces is a compelling and timely collection that explores how citizens find creative and tactical ways to use media and communication to express and enact political agency. The volume is a fascinating journey through raw video footage of a journalist’s death in Gaza; gestures of occupying, swarming, and dancing as political protest in Ferguson and Istanbul; nano-demonstrations in Russia, where toys and stuffed animals hold signs of protest, and many other forms of citizen media.” Clemencia Rodríguez, Professor of Communication, University of Oklahoma